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Game Changing Entrepreneurs Panel [Hollywood Digest]

The Simonetta Lein Show Releases Entrepreneurs Panel #4, "How Can You Turn The Pandemic Into Profit?" On SLTV

The Simonetta Lein Show is hosted by celebrity tv host and top woman influencer Simonetta Lein. This Simonetta Lein Show, along with its premiere of Season Two, has launched a series of panel interview episodes, showcasing local to international entrepreneurs, business owners, and artists, looking to share their industry insights and experiences. This will be the release of the show’s 4th panel interview episode, with the topic, “How Can You Turn The Pandemic Into Profit ?”

Here is a list of our incredible talented and successful panelists for the show:

Ken Freirich

Ken Freirich is an entrepreneur/business executive with a passion for music and philanthropy. He has been playing drums and writing songs since he was eight years old and has had the pleasure and privilege of playing drums with The Who in L.A. as part of a charity event for Teen Cancer America and UCLA’s Breast Cancer Center. Ken is the CEO of Health Monitor Network, the world’s leading direct-to-patient print and digital engagement company. The unintended consequence of the COVID-19 quarantine for Ken was the inspiration to start the record label Better World Records LLC and the band Random Acts of Kindness to share his mission, lyrics, messages, and songs, like his newest, “Healthcare Workers Rock!”, the first track released by Better World Records and written and produced by Ken, with more songs in the works. With an unwavering dedication to making the world a better place, he is active in many domestic and international charities and causes.

Sol Romero

Sol Romero is a multilingual and international Swiss and Mexican actress, singer, songwriter, and businesswoman. She’s released multiple albums and singles, including “Money Makes the World go Round”, featuring American rapper French Montana, and starred in films such as “The Legend of Zorro” and Mel Gibson’s, “The Edge of Darkness”. Romero has released a multitude of albums and song, such as “Darck Fantazy”, and collaborated with some of the industry’s biggest artists. Most recently, Sol has collaborated with Latin star, Sargento Rap, whom she is working on a new release with, along with a producer from Spinning Records.

Tara Joseph

Tara Joseph serves as a Co-Founder and CEO of 3rd Eye High. Tara’s everlasting passion for women’s health and wellness has led her, along with the rest of her team, to have founded 3rd Eye High. Tara is an artist at heart with a background in fashion design, senior-level retail management, buying, and company branding. Following time in the fashion design and programming world with her own private label, Tara had professional stops at Nordstrom and Claire’s Accessories. Shortly thereafter, Tara redirected her focus towards her two daughters and gave her time to a wide variety of private and public organizations. Tara served as the president of the Illinois District 102 Parent Teacher Organization, the Fundraising Coordinator of the Stevenson High School Foundation, and a member of the Amazing Women Entrepreneur Network. Tara is constantly seeking new business opportunities and has recently found an outlet in the CBD industry to better the lives of women.

Anmol Singh

Anmol made his name as a High paid consultant in the Trading and Investing Industry. He launched LiveTraders in 2015 which is now voted the #1 Trading Education Firm for 5 years in a row. He has coached and Trained over 1000+ Traders and Investors. Some of whom have now gone on to run their Own Hedge funds. He is considered the leading expert in the Trading Psychology space having helped thousands of traders all over the world dealing with Psychological and Behavioral issues that arise when high stakes are on the line. Currently, he remains an avid Stock Market and Forex trader and spends his day working with Students of his Trading firm Livetraders. He is also involved with other Entrepreneurial Ventures and is an Avid Angel Investor with a portfolio of over 20 Companies.

Bryan Laskin

Dr. Bryan Laskin has been at the forefront of technology in the dental industry for over 20 years. Dr. Laskin’s mission is to “bury the dinosaurs in dentistry”; setting aside outdated technology, systems, and perspectives so we can allow our teams and care to reach new heights. As Founder and CEO of Operability, creators of OperaDDS and OperaVR, as well as The Operatory Podcast, Dr. Laskin maintains a keen focus on improving the lives of patients through the integration of technology and teamwork.

Dr. Laskin serves as Chief Innovation Officer at Dental Care Alliance, owner/dentist at Lake Minnetonka Dental, and founder of Upgrade Dental. As a partner in several other companies; including ToothApps, Talentship, Evergreen and Kwikly, Dr. Laskin’s focus is developing solutions that elevate healthcare. Dr. Laskin serves as counsel to many of the leading companies in the dental industry, spending hundreds of hours each year educating their teams on enhancing the dental experience by transforming how dentistry is delivered to patients. A member of several local and national workgroups on electronic privacy, security and standardization, Dr. Laskin also helps shape the future of regulations within the dental industry.

Mark Stephen Pooler

Mark Stephen Pooler is the Founder, Editor in Chief, Media & News Publisher of MSP News Global. Mark oversees the company’s media business, as well as its intersection with global business leaders. Prior to forming MSP News Global in 2020, Mark spent his time as a Professional Speaker, International Bestselling Author, Radio Host, and PR & Media Specialist. Mark is also the Founder of TMSP Agency, a Premium Media and PR Agency. Here Mark helps high-profile entrepreneurs share their stories through the use of PR and digital media to become known globally. When not working with his valued clients, Mark enjoys spending time with Lilly, his four-legged bestie.

Watch The Entrepreneurs Panel #4 ,“How Can You Turn The Pandemic Into Profit?”

on The Simonetta Lein Show on SVTV

Visit The Episode on IMDB


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