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Better World Records is a new label that has a mission of

bringing people together and making a

positive impact on the world through music.

At BWR, we are committed to using music to create change and to help fund charitable projects across the globe. Alongside our songs’ powerful lyrics, community-centered videos, and philanthropic purpose, we are always seeking new partnerships with musicians, record labels and music companies for unique collaborations. 


About our CEO Ken Freirich (
Entrepreneur, philanthropist, songwriter and drummer Ken Freirich is the founder and CEO of Better World Records. A silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic for Ken was the inspiration to start the record label Better World Records LLC and the artist/band Random Acts of Kindness to share his mission, lyrics, messages and songs with the world. Healthcare Workers Rock! was the first track released by Better World Records and gained a lot of notoriety for its impact on healthcare workers. 


RAK’s momentum has only skyrocketed since its second release, Free to Roam. There is a lot of excitement around Free to Roam and its nationwide launch on radio-- it has reached number #23 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart with no slowing down in sight, and is currently at #19 on Mediabase’s Adult Contemporary chart. . The video for Free to Roam was produced using real life experiences and showing the transformations of four people, highlighting their challenges as well as liberations. 

Random Acts of Kindness is already gearing up for its next song launch later this year. 


For more information or general inquiries, please email

heath care workers
Free To Roam by Random Acts of Kindnes Single Art

"Free To Roam"
is about liberation, freedom, self-expression and empowerment. It's about breaking free from the chains of a challenging life situation, overcoming adversity, following your dreams and passions and living life to its fullest on your own terms.

Healthcare Workers Rock! by Random Acts of Kindness (Single Art)

The lyrics of the uplifting charity single “Healthcare Workers Rock!™” were written by Ken Freirich to honor the healthcare heroes who put their lives on the line each and every day to help others. To support these brave men and women in their fight against COVID-19, a portion of the proceeds from the song will benefit #FirstRespondersFirst

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