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Martha Troup

General Manager
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Martha has been in a variety of high profile roles over the past 30+ years.

She specializes in band/artist management and consulting while

overseeing all aspects of their careers.


In 1986, Martha became the US Manager of the Australian rock band INXS

and in 1994 she took over as worldwide manager of the global sensation.

She was responsible for the day to day management of all aspects of

domestic and worldwide touring and working with agents and promoters

worldwide from Wembley Stadium to Madison Square Garden to the

Sydney Opera House. Martha was also in charge of coordinating the

band’s TV appearances, radio, marketing, bookings, merchandise and had

daily contact with the record label, agents, accountants and lawyers.  


In 2004, Martha regrouped with INXS to work as a producer on the CBS TV

Show Rockstar: INXS, which was a platform to find a new lead singer for

the band. Immediately following Rockstar: INXS, the band went right into

the studio and recorded an album in record time and began a 2 year

worldwide tour. Martha managed and worked with the record company,

promoters, agents, radio, merchandisers, publishers, and publicists,

resulting in long lasting relationships throughout the world. After the tour in

2008 was completed, she managed the new lead singer on his solo career

and also consulted with other international artists from various genres of



Martha has also been involved in Talent Coordination and Event Production

(Network TV, Charity, and Cooperate Events) Worldwide for dozens of

shows including The Grammys, World Music Awards, Billboard Awards,

Tributes to Lionel Richie, Quincy Jones, Billy Crystal, Robert DeNiro,

Aretha Franklin, Copa America, Dahlia Lama Organization,Erase MS,

Americas Salutes You, Hurricane Relief and Keep Memory Alive. 


Throughout her career, Martha has involved in negotiating publishing and

royalty rights for artists and placing music in TV, Films, Commercials, and


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