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“Free to Roam”New Single from Random Acts of Kindness launches nationwide on radio

New Single from Random Acts of Kindness launches nationwide on radio

Lyrics help inspire a movement to create positive change around the world

New York (May 1st 2023) –

The artist Random Acts of Kindness and label Better World Records have just launched their new single, “Free to Roam” with the hope of creating positive change throughout the world. The song is about liberation, freedom, self-expression and empowerment. It's about breaking free from the chains of a challenging life situation, overcoming adversity, following your dreams and passions and living life to its fullest on your own terms.

Ken Freirich, the founder of Random Acts of Kindness, wrote the lyrics and was the Executive Producer on the music and video. The music video for Free to Roam was produced using real life experiences and showing the transformations of four people, highlighting their challenges as well as liberations.

This was the first song that Freirich wrote after he retired from being a full time CEO in order to start his new chapter pursuing music and other passions. He recalls writing the opening line during the first week of his “Freedom” from work, while at the Jersey shore for breakfast.

“The whole world is hustling, while I am sitting here at the shore, trying to forget about the madness, can’t take it no more.”

Ken finished the rest of the song on vacation in California overlooking the cliffs of La Jolla. ,. With lines that include “Looking like work robots with a ball and chain, they wouldn’t even notice, if it started to rain,” Over the years, Freirich observed the habits of people taking their working everywhere; on beaches, in airports, at home, during meals out, and in parks. “In all of these places, people should be mindful, enjoying and appreciating life, but instead they are chained to their work.”

With the chorus “I want to be Free to Roam, to the hills and the sea, Free to Roam anywhere I want to be,” Freirich says this is all about “liberation and freedom.” “The journey to freedom can be physical, mental, or spiritual. It can be simply going to a park nearby or traveling around the world and feeling free and at peace. It’s also about overcoming big challenges and living life to the fullest on your own terms.”

There is much excitement around “Free to Roam” and its nationwide launch on Top 40 and Adult Contemporary radio with anticipation to hit the charts. Moreover, with powerful messages of Freedom, Liberation, Self-Expression and Empowerment, a worldwide movement is beginning on social media for people to share their personal stories in hope of inspiring others.

About Better World Records: Better World Records is a new label that has a mission of releasing incredible music across many genres that will bring people together and have a positive impact on the world. The company has strong philanthropic beliefs and is committed to being the catalyst for using music to create change and to help fund charitable projects across the globe.

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, songwriter and drummer Ken Freirich is the founder and CEO of Better World Records. A silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic for Ken was the inspiration to start the record label Better World Records LLC and the artist/band Random Acts of Kindness to share his mission, lyrics, messages and songs with the world. “Healthcare Workers Rock!” was the first track released by Better World Records and gained a lot of notoriety for its impact on healthcare workers.


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